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Follow the Money…

Vanguard, Morgan Stanley, & Blackrock Are Buying This Tiny Biotech.

Learn Why They May See MASSIVE Upside Potential in MyMD Pharmaceuticals


October 5, 2021
MyMD Pharmaceuticals to Detail its Two Upcoming Phase 2 Trials at the Benzinga Rising Stars: Catalytic Small Cap Growth Conference on October 7




Reason #1: Three of the World’s Largest Investment Firms Agree…

Let’s face it, there are many reasons to love biotech companies. Especially ones that can create patented lifesaving dr-ugs with minimal side-effects and protected against future competition.

If you didn’t know, patent-holders are guaranteed exclusive rights to sell a new dr-ug before a generic version can hit the market and undercut profits. These exclusive rights could last for years.

That’s Great. But How Can an Average Joe Know Which Company to Research?

One easy way is to pay attention to what some of the world’s most recognized hedge funds are buying, especially during these times of economic uncertainty.

Blackrock Inc., with over $9 trillion in assets under management, The Vanguard Group, with over $7 trillion in assets under management, and Morgan Stanley, with over $4 trillion in assets under management, have ALL added significant exposure with this same company.

It sure seems like they like what they see in a $264 million market cap biotech innovator called MyMD Pharmaceuticals (NASDAQ: MYMD).


That said, let’s see what makes MyMD Pharmaceuticals tick.

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Reason #2: The Company’s MYMD-1 Could Monopolize the Growing $42.1 Billion TNF Dr-ug Market – and That’s HUGE.

The most vexing problem in medicine is when the body attacks itself. This is commonly known as an autoimmune disorder. And science has not fully figured out why it occurs.

Therefore most autoimmune diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis, and Type 1 diabetes mellitus are treated by alleviating the symptoms rather than addressing the underlying causes with TNF Alpha dr-ugs.

The worst part? TNF Alpha dr-ugs come with some nasty side effects.

You see, TNF inhibitors lower your immune system to help stop inflammation. This makes it harder to fight off infections. So there is a higher risk for getting colds, flu, urinary tract infections, or even tuberculosis (TB).

According to the National Institutes of Health, up to 23.5 million Americans (more than seven percent of the population) suffer from an autoimmune disease—and that number is quickly rising.

In fact, the global TNF inhibitor dr-ugs market size is anticipated to reach a whopping $42.1 billion by 2026.

What happens if a dr-ug comes to market that can make the competitors obsolete?

Well, it’s here, it’s called MYMD-1, and it’s well into Phase 2 trials after blazing past Phase 1. MYMD-1 actually stops the underlying causes of autoimmune disorders unlike anything seen in the market today.

It’s the real deal. Not to mention, it’s even shown great promise in treating CO-V-ID-19.

Approvals Can Happen Faster Than One Might Think.

MYMD-1 has the potential to gain rapid approval through a special emergency program created by the FDA to move new treatments into the clinic as quickly as possible.

See How MYMD-1 Works Its Magic:

Oh, and let’s not forget – MYMD-1 has also been peer-reviewed.


Reason #3: MyMD Pharmaceuticals (NASDAQ: MYMD) Synthetic Supera-CB Could Catapult Them as a Major Player in the Potential $1.1 Trillion CB Market


Opioid overdose is a national health crisis. In 2019, 50,000 people died from overdosing on opioids, which is 137 deaths per day. This is unacceptable.

This plague is so widespread that the Opioid Use Disorders (OUD) market size was valued at $2.52 billion in 2020 and grew at a compound rate of 8.7%!

But here’s the crazy part. All currently FDA-approved dr-ugs for OUD are opioid agonists or antagonists. So the addiction is being treated with the very same dr-ug causing the addiction.

Supera-CB Is Poised to Help Stop the Madness

MyMD Pharmaceuticals (NASDAQ: MYMD) Supera-CB is a non-opioid option. It is a synthetic CB (patented new molecular entity) being developed as a pharmaceutical dr-ug to address pain, anxiety, sleep disorders, and seizures.

Pre-clinical studies have demonstrated the ability of Supera-CB to inhibit CB2 receptors, comparing it side-by-side with plant-based CB.

And this is really exciting. Preliminary studies show Supera-CB is potentially 7-8 times more effective than Epidiolex or plant-derived CB in reducing MAO-A and MAO-B. This is huge because they play a role in substance addiction in a dose-dependent manner.

Check-Out What Supera-CB Is All About:


Biotech companies with this much potential are the most loved on Wall Street. So it’s easy to understand why such giants Blackrock, Vanguard, and Morgan Stanley have their money on MyMD Pharmaceuticals (NASDAQ: MYMD).

These guys think BIG and play BIG.

And here’s something really interesting. A very similar biotech stock on the London Market exists called Bioventix PLC. It has a $205 million market cap, a tad less than MYMD.

What do you think the stock trades for? How about an astonishing $3,950 per share!

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With MYMD trading at about $7.25 as of Oct. 6, 2021, that would provide it a head-spinning potential move of over 54,000% to those heights. You never know, right?

Reason #4: Bullish Trend, Positive Technical Indicators & A Flawless Balance Sheet


Generally, whether one should consider trending stocks should be determined on a case-by-case basis. Every company is different, and research is critical on whether a stock is expected to move higher in the future.

Higher Highs and Higher Lows Point to a Bullish Trend

In the case of MyMD Pharmaceuticals (NASDAQ: MYMD) the chart shows a current bullish trend since May 2021. After touching a May 17, 2021 low of $3.30, it popped as much as 153% to its Sep 22, 2021 high of $8.35, for instance. As you can see in the chart below, MYMD has settled a bit. Yet, since May, it has been making higher highs and higher lows, which could be considered very bullish signs.

Source 17

Technically Good Looking

While there is no magic bullet system to tell the future price, technical indicators can be useful. These tools are also essential when designing your own trading algorithms and often work well when combined with fundamental analysis and the goals at hand.

According to on Oct. 5th, 2021, MYMD is looking pretty solid on the weekly moving averages and technical indicators.


Source 18

Flawless Balance Sheet

When evaluating a biotech stock in the development and approvals process, the company must have enough capital reserves to make it through the next four quarters.

The target company ideally should be in a strong financial position. Fortunately, MyMD Pharmaceuticals looks phenomenal and then some.

For one, the company’s short-term assets exceed both its short- and long-term liabilities.

Plus, MyMD Pharmaceuticals (NASDAQ: MYMD) has enough free cash flow to last them for more than one year.

Reason #5:  Two Treatments That Could Become INSANELY VALUABLE


Since no effective therapies get to the root cause of autoimmune disorders, let’s assume that if MYMD-1 succeeds, it could possibly capture up to 25% of the market. The future gross revenue for MYMD-1 could be as much as $10 BILLION.

Should Supera-CB unlock its true potential as a source of therapeutic targets, it could get even crazier. Remember the 2020 market valuation for Opioid Use Disorders (OUD) was $2.52 billion? That could add enough potential to more than DOUBLE the company’s current market cap in just one year.

Nobody Wants to Miss Out on a Historic Breakthrough

Take a look at what MyMD Pharmaceuticals (NASDAQ: MYMD) has in the pipeline. Impressive, right? Even if just one of these therapies hits the market, the results could be legendary.


In short, MyMD Pharmaceuticals (NASDAQ: MYMD) could be positioned to turn the entire pharmaceutical industry on its head as one of the greatest growth stories of our lifetimes.


Watch The Company’s Latest Investor Presentation:


You can also download the MYMD Pharmaceuticals investor deck by using the button below.


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